Dekada 70 Movie Essay

Topics: Meaning of life, Happiness, Love Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Life and time these two words imply two significant meanings. Life is viewed as constant change, turning like a wheel of fortune and fate, a remarkable gift showered from up above, and the most precious of all things. Life captures the hands of time. Well, about my life accounts, I know some of you knows me especially my friends and classmates who have been with me for some times. And for those who don’t know yet the corny side of me, let me unveil to you a part of my story about how happy life would be being with someone whom you loved the most. Love for me is what I have now. Being contented with the one I love. Happiness is what I felt when we’re together. Though many hindrances we’ve encountered but hey! Look at us now, we’re happy for we’re sharing the true meaning of love. We’re together to face whatever life may hurl on us. “Two is better than one” as what the title of the song goes; and because of the love I have for her, let me impart to you the poem which I dedicated to her.TUNGOD HA IMOKalipay nga gin-aabat waray suklananMga oras nga kaupod ka in akon tinipiganGugma mo ha akon in baga-baga hin bulawanNga talagsaon la mahikit-an.Nagkaada kolor an akon kinabuhiNagin masayon an ngatanan bisan makuriTungod ha imo nga aada pirmeMay kusog ako pag-ato agud dire mapirde.Tungod ha imo nakit-an ko an kapawaInabat ko an lus-ay nga gugmaNga ginhihingyap hit kada tagsaNgan ini in ha imo ko nakita.Tungod ha imo nabug-os an akon mga inopNgan yana hinay-hinay ko nga ginkakab-otTungod nadugngan hin rason an akon mga paniguroTungod ada ka man ha ak nga nagmamayuyo.|...
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