Deforestation: Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Escapes

Topics: Oxygen, Rainforest, Amazon Rainforest Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The “Slashing and burning” of rainforests has to stop. The deforestation of our rainforests is effecting our environment and us more than you may think. We get the oxygen we need from trees, forests protect us from Carbon Dioxide, and forests protect most of Earth’s plants and animals. We need trees to breathe and rainforests to protect us from harsh things that we emit from our bodies. Many rainforests help and protect us. “More than 20% of the world’s oxygen comes from the Amazon” (Fraser 2), the Amazon is an immense rainforest located in South America. There are many people and other creatures living on Earth, and all of those living things need oxygen to survive. Imagine cutting down all those trees that we need to breathe, and there’s worse cause from cutting down rainforests than you may think. Forests hold significant amount of Carbon Dioxide and when rainforests are cut down that Carbon Dioxide escapes and with it the heat that was trapped under the rain forests canopy (Worth 1). Forests protect most of the world’s plants and species or organisms. 70% of Earth’s animals and plants live in forests (Worth 1). When forests are cut down, those plants and animals are killed when forest fires are lit to clear land and loggers tear down the forests with big machines. Many organisms have died - even gone extinct- due to deforestation. About 50,000 species of plants are lost every year (Fraser 2). Deforestation can occur because of cattle farmers, loggers, wildfires, etc. Cattle farmers cut down trees for new land and grass for their cattle to eat, but the cattle overgraze and rainforest soil isn’t that fertile and in a couple of years can lose its green and becomes useless to the farmers. This is bad because the cattle farmers are cutting down forests for new land but just end up wasting the land and cutting down the trees for close to nothing. Do to deforestation only a quarter of the original cover in Costa Rica is left standing (Vlack 1). People...
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