Definitions of Sufism According to Different Scholars

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Definitions of Sufism according to different scholars:

Imam Junayd of Baghdad:

"Adopting every high quality and leaving every low quality"


According to this definition, Sufis want to adopt the right path that leads to God. They are very keen to know about God. So, they adopt the higher qualities and quit all lower qualities. Here higher qualities means; any thing demanded by Allah to do. Lower qualities means; things that are prohibited by God. To quit low qualities means that each and every thing which we do in our daily life like tell a lie, negative thoughts about other people and each aspect that includes in sin either big or small should not be adopted. On the other hand, high qualities are to control our Nafs upon the will of ALLAH and make our heart contented; to make the chest filled with Noor-e-Ilahi and to make the heart busy in remembering ALLAH; to be careless towards every worldly thing; striving to have friendship with ALLAH; a disliking attitude towards world.

Sheikh Ab'ul Hasan Shadhili:

"The practice and training of the self through adoration and worship to return to the path of Lordship."


When we come in this world we human beings are like ‘Blank slate’ (pure). We have no idea about how to do things whether it is god or bad, but our surroundings, environment and moral values teach us how to spend a perfect life. Without any appropriate knowledge we people indulge in those things which are low in quality therefore we loses our purity of soul. It is the characteristic of the Sufis that they want to change their soul to their original form, which was purest and holy. Thus Sufis control their self by adoration; which is love to Allah and return their path on the way to Allah through worship Allah and forgiveness to Allah for their sins. They do these things to gain love of Allah and his blessings. Shaykh Ahmad Zorruq:

"The science by means of which you can put right the 'heart' and make it...
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