Definition Argument

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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Definition Argument

Definition Responsibility:

Responsibility is the act or process of being responsible. Persons that are considered responsible are accountable for their own action and/or expressions. A great way of defining responsibility is doing what’s right or following through with obligations. Personal responsibility is being accountable for oneself such as staying healthy, managing emotions and treating yourself and others with respect. “Responsibility is an important virtue, but not an amiable one” (Lucas). Responsibility equals accountability. Being responsible and accountable is considered somewhat interchangeable. Being accountable for your actions is part of being responsible. As a person we must stand up to the fact if we have done something right, wrong, or mischievous. Admitting to what you have done, whether the consequences are good or bad. “Being responsible comes with the realization that you are where you are, and what you are, because of your own conduct and behavior” ( Even though age is not considered the primary factor of being responsibly, it does play a big part in it. First of all, the older you are the more likely you are to have more experience in the world and make the right decisions as a responsible human being. “As we grow older, the more life experiences they we are faced with the more responsibility will mean to us” (Boyd). It is never too early or late to start teaching your child how to be responsible. Responsibility is not something that comes naturally but is a wonderful trait to be learned. Being a good parent is a major responsibility. I agree that “Responsibility is not a burden but a blessing” (Gallozzi). A parent has the obligation of caring for that child, making sure he/she is fed, changed, bathed. Help him/her when sick or through the bad times and the good. Make sure that child has a good childhood and grows up right; to be respectful, successful, reliable and accountable. Having an...
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