Definition and Operational Requirements

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Name: Maruf Ahmed. Student Id: 10917209 1. Why is the definition of system operational requirements important? What type of information is included? Ans: Definition of system operational requirements is very important as it represent the idea of the whole work. When we translate technical approach to operational scenario then many question will arise like “how is the system to be utilize and for how long? how is the system to be supported, by whom and for how long?” So to ensure all this things we need to define system operational requirements. It includes the following:

1) Mission definition
2) Performance and physical parameters
3) Operational deployment or distribution
4) Operational life cycle
5) Utilization requirements
6) Effectiveness factors
7) Environmental factors

2. Why is the development of technical performance measures (TMPs) important? Ans: Evolution is important to determine the process improvement and in this context TMP is really important. Attributes that depend directly on design characteristics are called design dependent parameters and TMPs are measure of this attributes. So it is very essential for tracking the performance.

3. Assume that you have selected an analytical model for specific application. Explain how you would validate that the model is adequate for the application in question. Ans:
1) The model should represent the dynamics of the system configuration being evaluated in a way that is simple enough to understand and manipulate. 2) The model should highlight the important factor

3) Model should be comprehensive
4) Model should be simple enough to allow for timely implementation in problem solving 5) Model should be incorporate provisions for ease for modification or expansion to permit the evolution of additional factors as required. 4. What is the desired output of the preliminary system design phase? Ans.:...
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