Defence in Asia-Pacific Region

Topics: Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Australia is an isolated country but with many links that connect it to the rest of the world, or in closer terms, the Asia-pacific region. One of these bonds that has great impact with this area of the world is defence, we see varieties of sources that explain this link in detail and tell us that we are safe and have help at our doorsteps when we need it. To Begin with, recent events have made us Australians realize the dedication and courage that our defence has shown in the past. Anzac Day, on the 25th of April each year we commemorate and remember what those soldiers did for us. This day brings the Asia-pacific region closer as they have also lost just as we have, countries such as the Cook Islands and Tonga also commemorate this day. Within an article written by Ben Chenoweth a Vietnam veteran Bob “Texas” Cunningham states “This is getting bigger and bigger every year” which tells us that through defence more and more people each year are becoming closer and Defence unites them all. Additionally, defence is a very complicated topic, with many different opinions and ideas that all clashes with each other, and in some cases the opinions will not be in favour to one part of a society but will connect with the other. Political cartoons are a good way for political cartoonists to represent their opinions but in a laughable way and not serious enough to cause any harm to the likes of others. Also they are a perfect representations of scenarios that most people will be able to understand in a non-complicated way. A cartoon that I reviewed earlier is a prime example of how they make a topic such as defence seem so small and easy to understand. It shows of the alliance between the U.S and Australia, but over in china it shows a man implying a rude gesture at the Australian and the American. The Australian states “I told you you’d get a traditional Darwin welcome”, symbolising that opinions on defence are not always agreed upon and can be frowned on by those who do...
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