Defects of Education in India

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  • Published : January 11, 2012
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EDUCATION in its broadest, general sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of people lives on from one generation to the next. Education as a science cannot be separated from the educational traditions that existed before. Adults trained the young of their society in the knowledge and skills they would need to master and eventually pass on. In pre-literate societies this was achieved orally and through imitation and story-telling etc .Oral language developed into written symbols and letters. Schooling in this sense was already in place in Egypt between 3000 and 500BC The gurukula system was the ancient system of education.A gurukula is a type of school in India, residential in nature, with shishyas living in proximity to the guru, often within the same house. In a gurukul, shishyas reside together as equals, irrespective of their social standing, learn from the guru and help the guru in his day-to-day life. They did not accept fees ONLY ASMALL GURUDAKSHINA WHICH MAY NOT BE MONETARY. INDIA S ANCIENT GURUKUL SYSTEM IS WORTH EMULATING BY ALL INTERESTED IN IMPARTING EDUCATION. THE GURUKUL SYSTEMBRINGS A SENSE OF RESPECT AND COMMITMENT FROM THE TEACHERS AND THE STUDENTS Nalanda and Takshishila universities were the oldest university-system of education in the world. Indian education suffered a huge blow as Western education became ingrained into Indian society with the establishment of the British empire. the British so cleverly played their cards that even after fifty years of independence we still continue to exist in a state of stupor, unable unwilling to extricate ourselves from one of the greatest hypnoses woven over a whole nation. Indian curriculum is criticized for being based on rote learning. Our present day education system gives no chance to creativity. It is marks , grades and competition all the way . It should inculcate good values in the minds of students. Emphasis should also be given on physical and vocational training....
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