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Topics: Prayer, Lord's Prayer, Spirituality Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Confirmation Packet – The Lord’s Prayer
Due: April 24th
1. Prayer I our commitment to God and ourselves. Prayer is important because I am speaking to God on a personal basis. 2. Vocal Prayer is speaking to dog verbally like saying a prayer with everyone at church. Mediation is praying to god on a personal basis lie at night. Contemplative is praying with a community. 3. Adoration is praying at the Blessed Sacrament. Petition is praying for a special intention. Intercession is praying for a person in your life. Thanksgiving is thanking God for all his blessings. Praise is giving thanks to God. 4. Mary, the mother of God, is a very special person I our lives. We see our own mother in our blessed mother. 5. When God does not grant us what we want in prayer, we should remember that only to pray for things we need and to not be selfish about things we do not need. For example, you could pray to God to ask him to help you finish the packet, not to do it for you. 6. In the Our Father, give us this daily bread means give us our food to be bountiful. Forgive us our trespass means forgive us who have offended us. Forgive those mean we should not have judgment. Against other means forgive all who have sinned against us. 7. The focus of the last four petitions of the Lord’s Prayer is let us keep our faith, our hope, our love, and out family. “Lead us not into temptations”, sums all four of them up. 8. When we are praying, it is necessary that we should be in the state of mind to pray. We should talk to God and God only. And also make sure you are in a quiet place. 9. Some challenges I encounter when praying is our life change from day to day. We live by these as individual person. Each person is different just as god has made them. We can depend on god to pray for others as we pray for ourselves.
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