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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Is education a right, a privilege, or a responsibility? This is something that people ask themselves every day. It can be a confusing and debatable topic, but I think that it is a privilege to go to school and get an education. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to have an education. In Nightjohn only the people in the white house get to learn reading, writing, and many other educational skills. But the slaves are not even aloud to learn the alphabet. You can see how seriously the people in the white house take the slaves not learning. Just look when Sarny was making the word B-A-G in the dirt. He started whipping mammy because he thought she taught Sarny. This is so wrong because no matter what your race, job, or anything else everyone has a right to equal opportunity learning, and not this form of dehumanization.

Education should be a privilege everywhere you go in the world. You should not have to pay for it or have to get punished for learning. Just because you do not have any money or live on a plantation, you shouldn’t stop anyone for getting the education they deserve. In Nightjohn you get whipped for learning something new and expanding your horizon. Even if people are slaves and working for a guy like Waller, doesn’t mean you can know how to do other things educational. Just because you have more information in your brain, you can still do things like working on the plantation or helping with little kids.

Everyone today has the privilege to go to school. Whether you want to go or you don’t want to go. That is up to you. But everyone as the chance to learn math, writing, and reading. This will help you in your future when you at your job.

The book Nightjohn shows how people in slavery were dehumanization. Everyone is equal and everyone was a right to say and do what they want. Whether it is saying the alphabet or learning new things. Education was a privilege, is a privilege, and will always be a privilege. The narrator of this story is Sarny...
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