Dedescriptive Words for Commentary or Analysis of Text:

Topics: Concerned, Logic Pages: 6 (510 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Descriptive words for Commentary or analysis of text:
|Positive |  |  |Negative | |Authentic |Inspirational |Reactionary a person who holds a set of` views against |Absurd | | | |change | | |Conservative Holding to traditional attitudes; |Ironic |Realistic |Commonplace | |Cautious about change | | | | |Controversial |Liberal Open to new behaviour or opinions and |Recondite difficult to understand Little known |Heretical A person, who holds controversial | | |willing to discard traditional values. | |opinions | |Credible convincing |Melodramatic |Romantic |Improbable inauthentic/Not likely to be true or | | | | |happen | |Cultural |Mystical |Satiric in prose, in which human folly and vice are held up |Incredible | | | |to scorn, derision, or ridicule. | | |Didactic instructive |Naturalistic Based on the theory of naturalism |Scholarly |Insignificant | |Dramatic |Objective Not influenced by tastes, or opinions. |Significant |Intolerant | |Esoteric to be understood by a minority of people |Orthodox Not independent-minded; unoriginal |Spiritual Not concerned with material values |Pedantic Characterized by a narrow, often | | | | |ostentatious concern for book learning and formal | | | | |rules | |Expressionistic |Philosophic enlightenment, and wisdom. |Subjective Based on personal feelings, personal feelings or |Prejudiced | | | |opinions |...
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