Decision Making Process

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  • Published : September 11, 2011
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Decision Making Process

May 13, 2011

In January of 2007 new hired employee of Walmart Chalace Epley Lowry reported senior executive Mona Williams of using insider information to profit on stock options. Lowery had just completed employee training and in that training Walmart’s code of ethics was vigorously stressed. The training encouraged employees to report any unethical business practices or conduct of any employee no matter their status. With these values etched into her being Lowry, in good faith that the system would stand up for what it says it holds in highest regard, anonymously went to her superior to report the situation she was put in. Within days Mona Williams, the individual being accused of the ethics violation, had been given the knowledge that Lowry was the employee who reported her. The day the complaint was filed by Lowry, the ethics department had already made the decision that Williams’ actions were not a violation of Walmart’s ethics policy.

Based on the outcome of the Ethics Awareness Inventory, what is the most likely decision-making process your selected team member would go through to make the ethical decision based on their values? According to the results of the Inventory the team member showed the following results: C – CHARACTER


Decision Making Process: Step 1
The first area of decision making is being able to establish when and why a decision needs to be made. In this situation our team member would most likely evaluate what he was dealing with before making a decision on reporting the senior executive’s actions. In the scenario Chalace Lowry made a hasty decision with the little bit of information she was presented. Judging by the results of the team member’s Inventory the selected team member most likely would have taken some time to asses the situation. Lowry admits in the article that she didn’t know if senior executive...
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