Deception Essay

Topics: Othello, Deception, Iago Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Othello is a mind-blowing tragedy about betrayal, trickery and how envy can be taken to another level. Most will say the theme of Shakespeare’s “Othello” is deception. Othello is a black general in the service of Venice. Othello promotes a man named Cassio to be his right hand man in his army. Iago, the protagonist of the story though that he was going to get the promotion of lieutenant, but when he did not he became furious and seeks revenge on Othello. This was the turning point of the play when in almost every incident a degree of deception would take place. Deception appeared many times in Othello, The few characters that were deceitful greatly affected the sequence of events. Those characters all use different degrees of deception to get what they want in the play.

Another culprit of deceiving people was Iago. Shakespeare showed how deception is far different than its definition, when the very evil and persuasive Iago deceives many characters. In his revenge for his hatred for Othello; Iago bother Othello and Rodrigo. In Act 1 Iago prays on Rodrigo’s feeling about the newlyweds Othello and Desdemona. Rodrigo was one of Desdemona suitors and was will to do anything for her love and affection. “Awake! What ho, Brabantio! Thieves, thieves! Look to your house, your daughter, and your bags!” Iago and Roderigo warning Brabantio father of Desdemona showed the betrayal Iago shown Othello. Also Iago has double-crossing mentalities. If Roderigo did a selfless act and approached Brabantio himse-lf the outcome of this situation would have been completely. The reason this situation manifested like it did was because a person who was bad intentions in deceiving others will all make a situation worse.

Rodrigo's undying love for Othello’s wife Desdemona caused him to be blinded by iago's trickery. When they arrived in Cyprus Othello was too preoccupied with his new wife Desdemona Iago decided to target Cassio. One of Iago’s gifts was identifying a person's character...
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