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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Summary of an academic article

The article ‘International Students in New Zealand: Needs and Responses’ (2004) written by Andrew Butcher and Terry McGrath discusses the pastoral care needs of international students in New Zealand. With a large growth in international students in New Zealand, both positive and negative points for New Zealand and international students have arisen. For New Zealand, this increase in international students saved institutions from bankruptcy (Butcher and McGrath, 2004, p 540). In this article, the authors explain both the positive, negative issues and how to respond to these issues according to the recently enacted Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (2003).

The first point addressed by the authors was, is New Zealand “facing a crisis?” in export education industry (Butcher and McGrath, 2004. p 542). According to recent overseas research, studies suggest that New Zealand is at the point of facing a crisis because of the “shortage of qualified ESOL teachers; teachers’ poor knowledge of the learning needs of international students; lack of learning support” and many more problematic issues (Li et al., as cited in Butcher and McGrath, 2004, p 542). Also, the difference in what Asian students expected and then experienced was worth noting. For example, 91% of Asian students expected to “form friendships with New Zealanders” but only 41% of these students actually experienced such friendship. These big differences in ‘expectation vs. experience’ also applied to “Understand New Zealand English” and “Express myself effectively in English” and many more (Berno and Ward, as cited in Butcher and McGrath, 2004, p 542). The authors use the International Education Advisory Authority as an example of 5 major concerns regarding international student education, which are “Pastoral care; Appropriate orientation programs; Responsibility for agents and integrity in marketing; Appropriate class-level placement of...
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