Death Penalty

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Whitney Price
December 9, 2011
Death Penalty
How would you feel if somebody close to you was brutally murdered or raped? You would want justice to be served. Many people have different opinions on capital punishment, but the death penalty is the only way to ensure justice and our safety. After reading the facts, you too, should understand why this must be put into effect.

Many people are worried that someone could be put to death then later, after it is too late, we find out of their innocence. I am reassuring you that DNA testing is over 99 percent accurate. Technology has very much advanced. Even with evidence, a jury with 12 members must unanimously convict them. So, the chances of an innocent person being put to death are far less than slim, practically impossible.

In addition, all tax payers are supporting all of those killers and rapists in jail. People on death row get their own cell, better food, and they get to retry their case as many times as they want. Think of all the tax money we are giving up just for them! They will end up dying in jail anyway. With this recession our country is in we do not need to be spending unnecessary tax dollars on these monstrous human beings.

Finally, enforcing capital punishment would bring closure to the victim’s family. Our court system is mainly run on sympathy for the convicted, when in actuality the victims’ families are devastated and horrified. Not to mention, the person who did the worst thing any family could imagine still around haunting them. Families hoping and praying they don’t get off on parole someday. The family will get justice and feel at peace.

In conclusion, death penalty is clearly just and needs to be enforced. In most states it is legal but not usually put into action. People remain on death row for years and years. This needs to be changed. Everybody needs to take part in helping establish a system with capital punishment as an option.
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