Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Crime Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The Death Penalty

Carolanne Guilbe
Palm beach State
One week
The death penalty is by far one of the most talked about subjects to Americans across the country. Some people may think the death penalty is too harsh, as others think it helps keep the crime rate down such as murder. “According to a survey of the former and present presidents of the country’s top academic criminological societies, 88% of these experts rejected the notion that the death penalty acts as a deterrent to murder.” (Radelet & Lacock, 2009). In my opinion I do not think the death penalty helps in keeping the crime rate down. I don’t believe a murderer is going to sit around before committing his crime thinking anything about the death penalty. If someone is going to commit a crime they don’t usually think about the consequences until after the fact. The main aim for this research paper is to go into detail about the death penalty, and further educate the readers on why the death penalty is not efficient.

Capital Punishment
“Death penalty, also referred to as capital punishment, is a term used for describing the act of depriving a person of life or putting him to death either to ensure that he cannot commit crimes in the future or as a retribution act, after legal system judgment”. (Capital punishment facts pg 1) The death penalty was used as far back as the eighteenth century B.C. Crucifixion, drowning, burning alive, and impalement are some forms of death sentences that were implemented. In Great Britain, as many as 72,000 people were estimated to have been executed. (Amnesty International). The toll since then has risen. To my knowledge the death penalty doesn’t seem like it will ever go away since it has been around so long and even if it doesn’t seem to mellow out the murders and crimes, the system the world uses will never take it out. The United States has thirty-three states where the death penalty is legal, and seventeen states that it is illegal in. According...
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