Death Penalty

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Crime is an integral part of risks we face in everyday life. Based from Wayne Morrison’s “What is crime? Contrasting definitions and perspectives”, crime is an action against the law of God, whether as revealed in the holy books, such as The Bible, Koran, or Torah, or that we instinctively recognize as against God’s will, irrespective of what the law books of a State say. If the State law books allow something that we know to be against God’s will this does not change its status—it is still a crime.

Crime is an act that is defined by the validly passed laws of the nation state in which it occurred so that punishment should follow from the behaviour. Only such acts are crimes. Legal punishment is concerned with forms of lawful punishment applied through the courts. Punishment may take forms ranging from fines, forced labour, flogging, mutilation of the body, and imprisonment to capital punishment or what we call the death penalty.

Sometime in the 70’s, one of the most infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy, had raped and murdered numerous young women, and confessed to 40 murders. John Wayne Gacy, known as one of the most prolific serial killer, had killed and raped youths, and confessed to more than 24 murders, and buried their corpses under his house. In 1999, Leo Echegaray shaken the whole country of the Philippines and became the news of the year, because of raping his stepdaughter. These are just few examples of crimes that marked the history of the world. As the days go by, crimes are getting worse and worse. These people who committed such monstrous crime were all gone because of the death penalty. Background of the Study

About 4000 years ago, there is a very famous phrase that has been the norm for judicial practices in early civilization. The famous phrase, lextalionis or known as an eye for an eye, believe that, it has been originated in the early Babylonian Civil Law (1780 BCE). This principle was found in Hammurabi’s...
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