Death of a Salesmen Paragraph

Topics: Woman, Women, Gender Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: October 20, 2008
In today's society men and women are supposed to be equal. We all try to believe that they are but unfortunately this isn’t true. Men have always been given a higher social place in society. Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman shows how these issues were even worse then they are now. In this book Arthur Miller tends to show woman as inferior. We do not know if Arthur did this to show that people need to make a change or to show his view on women’s place in society. Regardless the message of the inferior position of woman is shown throughout the whole story. The message is clear; from the way the Happy treats his dates to how Willy treats Linda. Ultimately Linda is a great womanly figure, who does everything for Willy. But Willy is blind to the fact that Linda is keeping him alive while he goes insane. Miller illustrates his message strongly when Willy screams and diminishes Linda as she is only trying to help. When these incidents reoccur Willy loses more of his fatherly traits; well, the few that he has. As Biff and Happy grow up they adopt the trait portrayed by their father. Happy, a ladies man at heart, can obtain any woman he wants. Throughout the book he treats woman as objects, and uses them, only to drop them soon after. Sleeping with a co-workers fiancé can be an example of Happy’s inconsiderate behavior toward woman. Although Arthur Miller shows that woman is inferior he also shows how woman can do great things. Linda does a great job keeping such a dysfunctional family together, indicating that there are very strong woman out there. Portraying women as inferior seemed to be Arthur Millers idea but along with it came the thought of how great woman can be as well. He even shows a working woman, Jenny, Charley’s secretary. Women do not deserve to be treated unfairly because they can do great things. Unfortunately Death of Salesmen, a great work, shows woman as inferior to men in society.
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