Death of a Salesman

Topics: Meaning of life, Affect, Love Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Brodie wall
Ela 30-2
April 10/13
Death of a sales man
Do our ideals and belief’s change from being influenced by others? I believe at a young enough age and hearing others ideals will eventually influence a person’s perspective or attitude eventually in a bad way. Specifically this is most evident in families such as children taking the ideals of the parents subliminally. In the play death of a salesman the protagonist Willy and his ideas and perspectives affect the beliefs of his two sons happy and biff as well as his wife Linda. Happys life is much like biffs, meaning willys actions and teachings has formed a young man into believing that being loved by many people is what matters. Biff has always got more attention from willy making happy lust for attention from any one he can. As the play continues we see happy as a grown man and a complete womanizer. He feeds this need for attention and love by talking to women. Biff is Willys favorite child and has always gotten the most attention. Willy raised biff to believe he’s better than others and deserves to be treated as so. Biff steals things in the play due to the false owner ship feeling he gets from his father’s words. Willy tells him to take action and to do anything to be loved by everyone. Biff with this outlook on life and affects the way he interacts with people and lives his life. Biff’s friend Bernard was always expected to do nothing with his life and biff was always held in high hopes. After biffs encounter of meeting willy affair mistress he falls apart and realizes that all of willys teachings have been false hot air. After that dramatic event biff was left not knowing who he is or what he’s to believe. Linda is willys wife and she was affected by willy allot more in a unique way. She always saw willy and his free spirited ways, she saw all the goodness and high spirit he had. Willys desire to be loved by others eventually take over his life and the way he thinks. It eventually...
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