Death of a Salesman

Topics: Failure, Morality, Suicide Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Death of a Salesman:
The literal definition of “success” is the attainment of love, wealth, position, home ownership, and honor. A person must strive to acquire his or her dreams to say that they were able to acquire success. For instance, in the play Death of a Salesman Willy was implanted on the theory that the basis of consummation in life is to be loved. Although this wasn’t morally correct, it wasn’t realistically incorrect. This philosophy was brought upon by his childhood; the insecurities that were built into him that caused him to lie and deceive himself as well as others; that made him vulnerable as a salesman; and eventually led to him ending everything.

The way Willy was raised affected the way he lived his life. His father had left him at the age of three. The lack of a father altered his character negatively. He was neither taught nor has he ever learned about the austerity or peril of the real world. Since he does not realize that the value of hard work and devotion plays the most important role in achieving eminence, he has his mind set on the basis that being well-liked will assist you in accomplishing prosperity; which most people interpret as a misguided life goal that just adds on to his self deception. However, realistically speaking being well liked is a fairly large factor that comes up when it comes to a prosperous life. He lived life following this philosophy and it incorporated one ingredient of the recipe for success; to be favored. Unfortunately, no matter how much he wanted it; it wasn’t attainable for him. He had to live with fact that he was living a failure of a life while his older brother, Ben; used to live in fortune from finding a diamond mine in Africa. Willy’s childhood of abandonment led him to a lower self esteem and to believe that those who were like Ben; well-liked and wealthy were successful as well. He seems to be searching for the approval of Ben in his actions; when truthfully, it was his foolishness that is to...
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