Death and Outline I. Introduction

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Euthanasia is basically a doctor or other third party ending a patient’s life. I think it should be banned and considered a crime. On the other hand, Euthanasia is not obligatory, it is a choice of the patient asking if he wants to continue living or not, and it can be considered as a way of relieving the patient from living in pain. It is very important that Euthanasia be banned because it can completely exterminate the chances of a patient getting better.

Euthanasia can be considered as a relief of pain, a terminal paralyzed patient may choose Euthanasia in order not to endure a longer and more painful death. On the other hand, technology and medicine are becoming more advanced everyday, and cures are being discovered everyday so there are chances that a terminal patient can be cured in the future and live. Also, Euthanasia is considered wrong in numerous religions .

A patient in need of a specific organ can get it from a terminal patient who chose Euthanasia. In that case, Euthanasia is considered a way to save a life. But, the organ can come from any other terminal patient who died naturally. And also, the body of the patient in need of the organ can very well reject the organ after getting it which can result in the patient’s earlier death.

To summarize, I consider Euthanasia murder and I think it should be banned from all hospitals around the world. It can prevent a patient from getting better, it is forbidden in many religions, and it can cost numerous lives of patients and terminal patients. Beware that every life is precious no matter the condition it is in, and taking a life is not anyone’s choice, any other actions may have serious consequences.

I. Introduction
1. General statement
2. Thesis statement : I think Euthanasia should be banned and considered illegal 3. Statement of controversy
4. Statement of importance

II. Body
A- Opposing claim : Euthanasia as a relief of pain
Support : A paralyzed...
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