Death and Grief

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Writing an Opinion Piece – The Long Fall of Swiss Air Flight 111 Heavy Opinion Piece Assignment
The article goes beyond the tragedies that we see on the news or read in newspapers. It doesn’t focus on death tolls or statistics of violence. The article looks at the effects of tragedy on the lives of everyday people. In some cases it offers us a mirror to our own lives and perhaps allows us to reflect on what we would do or how we would act. Write an opinion piece on this question:

How has this article changed my view on how tragedy affects people? The paper will be 2 pages typed. Font size 12, spacing size 1.5- any confusion with formatting please see me. Points to consider:

* The presentation of the people involved- how did their lives change * Use of imagery to illicit or imaginations
* The aftermath of the crash, how do people rebuild their lives, how would we? * The use of titles- what effect does that have?
* Use of symbolism- what do these meaning mean to how lives change, stay the same or how we must adapt Process :
Write and Introduction
* Write a topic sentence that states your point of view. * Then write a sentence that using three points that explain specifically why you feel this way. Body Paragraphs
* You must use specific evidence for each point you make. * Use effective transitions when moving to new points.
* Restate your opinion but in a different way. One that looks beyond your ideas and can be something that you want the reader to “come away” knowing. After writing ,revise carefully for proper spelling and punctuation. There are formatting guides and available as well as transition word banks.

I also recommend the site

Fantastic resource for writing improvement.
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