Dealer Trade Group

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Case 1 Guidelines: Dealer Trade Group
Internal Analysis and Recommendations



1Introduction - Brief Background3

New Entrepreneur concept
Interpretation of Crockett’s work
What he could have done better

2Organizational Situation Analysis – Model Schematic Format4 Input section
Output section
Time lime of DTG

3SWOT ( TOWS Analysis – Matrix Format8


Tech Team
Need Leadership in DTG
Engage Dealers

1. Introduction - Brief Background – Timeline Format

New Entrepreneur concept

DTG developed a concept to improve efficiency and overcome drawbacks in the traditional auto dealer’s wholesale market. It was a time consuming process, which resulted in lost profit. Crockett not only successfully built business concept but also gave lot of details for fund raising efforts and strategic concepts of the business. In the traditional used car business, maintaining inventory can become very costly. Technology helps to shape that entrepreneur idea in to a business concept. There was urgent need for alternative marketing concept. With this concept, it was not easy to find kind of vehicle need for particular demography. So an online system like eBay is the best place to find a particular type of vehicle. With this system, it is easier to make a connection between buyer and seller.

Interpretation of Crockett’s work

Carter analyzed new business concept very effectively and he was determined to grow the business. He felt there was a clear 70% chance of success with the new model. He was successful as an entrepreneur but he failed to create an environment in the company where entrepreneur skills could grow among employees as the company grows. He should realize his weakness as lack of experience in the auto industry but he should never feel like his job is done. As a company CEO, his job is never done. He was not a good leader and it reflected in his attitude. He was a good entrepreneur; he created a great idea but failed to perform it and operate it well. He should have built technology in house and, as a priority, hire people who can handle it and train dealers. He could not manage it at all.

What he could have done better:
Crockett should realize his weakness and overcome it. He should continue to guide the technical team and continue to focus on the development of the project. Building a strong in-house technology group would help DTG to bring online a system to better introduce their customers to their inventory. This is not quite finished yet. He should provide a technical seminar and introduce dealers to this new technology so that they can use this online system as well. He did not come up with any plan for this. He did not realize this issue at all but was always concerned about Greenway. Greenway was not problem in the company; Crockett should take advantage of his strengths. Greenway is a good asset. Crockett has a unique position in the company and nobody can take it away from him. He distinguishes himself from others without having to concern himself with their activities.

2. Organizational Situation Analysis – Model Schematic Format

DTG’s concept of an online system was very productive approach. At the same time, the group also noticed other entrepreneur opportunities to invest money. But at the time, this was a unique concept in the market; DTG was first to bring this new concept into the wholesale auto industry. In 2000, many companies failed, but those who succeeded took advantage of this concept. The company...
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