Deal with Conflict Situation Assignment

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SITXCOM003A: Deal with conflict situations


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❖ Question1:

Outline a 6 point Complaint handling strategy for a 100 seat upmarket restaurant. Explain each strategy in detail.


With an upmarket restaurant, we need to offer a very high standard in customer service. When running a business, complaint can not be avoidable as it can happen at any time. Therefore, we need to have an appropriate complaint handling strategy ready when any problem arises. The following 6 points are the general action for any complaints from customer:

1) Listen to the complaint & acknowledge the problem

Listening is a first very important thing the staff need to have when customer complaints. It shows that we are paying attention to their problem. Besides, it is impolite if we do not listen to what people talking. Then, after listening, we need to react immediately by acknowledge that is the problem. This response is extremely important as it indicates that we listened & understood to what they talked.

2) Express concern & empathise

After understanding, we should show that we are concerned about the problem, empathise about what the customer faced. Because, it is believed that every problem will be resolved successfully if people have the same spirit, the same point of view about the problem.

3) Take responsibility for resolving the complaint

Any problem arisen always has its own reason. It can be caused by inside or outside factor, by person or by something. The problem happened in the restaurant so it means that the restaurant is responsible for the problem. As a staff in there, we are presenter for the restaurant so we are also responsible for it. Therefore, taking responsibility for resolving the complaint is the next step even if it has nothing to do with us.

4) Indicate what action will be taken

It is necessary to tell the customer what action will be taken. It shows that we listened, understood & knew what to do to resolve their problem. It is disappointed & waste of time when complaining to a person who does not know what to do.

5) Take action to resolve the complaint

Immediately doing what we said is a good way to please the customer. In everyone mind, it is very terrible if they have to wait for a long time, even unlimited time to get an action.

6) Follow up

It means that we will check the customer feeling after we did the action. Because, there are many different kinds of people, some action can be satisfied to this person but maybe not satisfied to others. Therefore, in case the customer is not happy we will go back to step 4 by specifying another solution.

After all, we should make a record of the incident. The upmarket restaurant always require very high standard in customer service. Therefore, it is terrible if the customer face the problem the second time. A list of problems is necessary for all the staff, including the old & new staff every time working in there.

❖ Question2:

Detail at least 4 examples & how you would handle each.

Ensure in each example you have followed the strategy you have outlined in question1.

1) Example 1

As a receptionist at a 4 star hotel, I get a call from a customer who is calling from the airport & tell that no one come & pickup him.


Firstly, I will listen carefully to the customer about their situation. Beside, I ask his name to ensure whether that is a customer of my hotel or not. If it is correct, I will acknowledge that it is our fault. Secondly, I will ask how long he has been there. If he said he has been waited for a long time, I will tell him to take a rest at a coffee shop in the airport when the driver coming. Then, I say that I will contact immediately to the driver of the hotel & tell him to keep calm as maybe the traffic jam caused the driver can not come on time....
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