Deafness and Fury

Topics: Hearing impairment, Models of deafness, Cochlea Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Mariche 1

Yadira Mariche
Maria Rivera

After we finished watching the movie “Sound and Fury”, I had a lot of mixed feelings. I didn't realize how divided the “hearing world” and deaf culture are. It was interesting to see deafness from two different perspectives. In one hand we had a family who was proud of their deafness, and in the other we had a family who saw deafness as a disability. These families faced many difficult decisions, but one thing they had in common was that they both didn't agree with the others decision on implanting a cochlear implant on their children. If I were in their position I wouldn't know what to do, I think I would take into consideration all benefits and dangers of getting the implant before making a decision. Before I took this ASL class I didn't know anything about deaf culture. When you explained the difference between Deaf and deaf I realized that not every deaf person are alike. For instance, Heather's parents were both Deaf and they were very proud of who they were. They were both actively involved with their Deaf friends and family, and they felt most comfortable being around their “own kind”.Although Peter was very comfortable in his own skin, I felt like he was very close minded when it came to talking about the possibilities of Heather getting and implant. Even when they visited the family with the young girl that had the implant, he was very closed to the idea that one day her daughter could have the opportunity to be able to hear what goes around in the world. Peter and Nita were very surprised and somewhat disappointed when Heather told them she wanted to get the Cochlear implant because she really wanted to hear. Peter rejected the idea but I feel Mariche 2

that Nita was a little more open to it because she secretly wanted to somewhat be part of the hearing world. She also stated that she was open to the idea of the implant because she didn't want her daughter to go through all the...
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