Deadly Unna

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Deadly Unna? Is more than just a story about a teenager developing awareness of racism, it’s the way he develops this awareness, because of an aboriginal boy and girl, Dumby Red and Clarence. The novel shows us the actions he takes to deal with his feelings about this racism such as, attending Dumby Reds funeral even though he knew people didn’t approve, stuck up for his beliefs with the aboriginals and also by cleaning the graffiti off the shed at the jetty. Deadly Unna? Is more than just a story about a teenager developing awareness of racism. The book by Phillip Gwynne shows how life is controlled by intolerance. It displays racism on many levels, sexism towards females, discrimination towards difference and signs of breaking free. This book provides an image of change, diversity, narrow-mindedness and imperfections. The Goonyas (White Locals) are extremely intolerant of the Nungas causing them to make racist comments. Evidence of this is the graffiti of ‘BOONGS PISS OFF’ being displayed on the jetty. The graffiti has been kept there and no one has bothered to clean it off or scratch it out, showing obvious belief in the message. The Goonyas also don't mix with the Nungas apart from football trainings and matches. Otherwise they stay in their separate towns, The Point and The Port. ‘It has always been this way’. The Nungas also demonstrate racist attitudes towards the Goonyas. They don't like to socialize with them as they feel the standards are different and trouble would start. And when they are interacting usually something arises that stirs the tension. An example is how Dumby Red didn't get best on ground when he clearly was and Mark Arks did. ‘Mark Arks getting B.O.G. It's bullshit. That's Dumby's Trophy’
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