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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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To introduce myself to all classmates and my instructor in English 1301, to let them know how did I blended into this discourse community when I was in high school for the last 3 years as a non-native English speaker. As the requirement of this essay I will use my experiences to identify the logos, ethos and pathos. Throughout my high school years I’ve been going through a hardship to get the community around me to accepts as a piece of them. The fact that I’m a non-native speaker that just moved here 3 years had given me more challenge to accomplish what I want is part of the community that I’m going to live in this near future. Communication is a very important skill that could not miss in everyday social life, even people those are deaf and mute have their own way to express what they want and if I can’t explain what in my mind because the barrier of language how could I survive in this society, that was my motivation when I first entered this discourse community. ?what is the community?

Looking back at 3 years ago when I just moved here, with just a little vocabulary of English I entered high school; luckily for me that I fortunate to live in a city that provide school for those who just immigrated from other countries. I spend about three months in that school, everybody around me have the same situation as I was, so it was easy to speak up your thoughts and opinion or to opened a conversation. Nobody going to minded about my accent or incorrect grammar sentences that I made during conversation with them, because of this 3 months experience surrounded by other non-native English speaker gave me the confidence to enter a real high school, where everybody are native speakers. I tended to believe that being surrounded by native speakers would be better than be around by other non-native speakers. ?where logos? I was so excited about the new school, but over the time I figured out that not everybody want to talk to me because of my accent and my topic for...
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