Dbq Essay on Geographies Affects on the World

Topics: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, China Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Geography DBQ

The ancient world is very unique, and in some ways tough to figure out. The hardest part of solving the mysteries of ancient times is getting in the minds of the people living back then. No one can completely understand the full effect of a regions geography on the shaping of civilization. The only way we can fully comprehend a civilizations reliance on geography is by reading into it. Through documents and maps we can start to understand the impact geography had on a civilizations economical, spiritual and agriculture development.

Agricultural is the easiest thing to crack when trying to figure out the development of a city in ancient times. Maps provide the best information on a regions geography, it gives knowledge of possible places where humans could’ve used certain skills to their advantage or to invent new techniques to use against the downfalls of a certain area. An informative map of present day china educates the general public on the physical qualities of a region (2). This document is unprejudiced because it is a map, it was created to simply show people what China looks like, it’s facts. the reason for The Legend of Yu was to entertain the public by creatively explaining how rivers and seas were created in China (4). This is a fictional story, therefore it is biased. Spodek’s map in The World’s History is informing readers on where some of the most abundant crops and animals could be located around the world (8). Although nothing can be proven completely, this map is a very good piece of work present-day historians can use. The map in document 9 is very informative and educates the public about the fertile crescent, the mesopotamian area, located in the middle east (9). Unbiased and proven, this document, along with the three other ones mentioned are just a few examples of ways scholars may be able to investigate further into the agriculture of ancient times.

Economy of cities in ancient times is a little tougher to figure out....
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