Db123 You and Your Money

Topics: Family, Investment, Finance Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: December 16, 2012
TMA 1 DB123 You and your money.

Part A

a) In the 2000 column the cells add up to 100% because the sample of the survey is the total of people participating on the survey.

b) For the year of 1998 the total adds up to 99% the reason for this it could be because the enquired population didn’t have the same number used an the following years.

c) The total of the percentage of children living in families with at least 2 children are of 74% , including the 58% of children living with married/cohabitating couples, the 14% of children living with lone mother’s and 2% living with lone fathers.

d) While on the children living with lone mothers with 1 dependent the percentage raises over the years, on the lone mothers with more than on dependent it drops, on the other hand the lone fathers dependents maintains the same on one children and on more than one children it had only one increase in 2000, and in 2003.

e) On the lone mothers with one dependent there is a visible variation on the percentage however there is an increase over the years on those with more than one dependent there is a decrease on the percentages, normally the variation will be associated to percentages living with families.

f) No, because the survey doesn’t include details of how many children would be part of the survey, where it says “2 or more dependent”, it can be families with 3 or with 4 or more children, this doesn’t gives us exact details on the numbers of the sample used.

g) There is a deference of 15% on the percentage of children living with both parents from 1972 to 2007, as the percentage in 2007 has a total of 77% .

h) The number of children living in married couples or cohabitating couples in 2008 using the date provided should be 10270 milions.

i) One of the interesting features is that the percentage of children living with lone parents its very low, other interesting feature is that over the last few years the percentage of children living with lone...
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