David Walker's Appeal

Topics: Slavery, White people, Slavery in the United States Pages: 3 (1244 words) Published: March 20, 2013
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David Walker’s Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World is aimed towards African-American slaves and freedmen. His goal was to have all his “brethren”, rise up and fight against slaveholders and farmers. Walker called for vengeance against white men, but he also expressed the hope that their cruel behavior toward blacks would change, making vengeance unnecessary. His message to the slaves was direct; if they were not given liberty, then should take action and rebel. The Appeal caused a stir among slaveholders and slaves. In it, Walker argued that armed resistance was justified and should be used if necessary. As could be expected, slaveholders feared that it would cause slave uprisings. Slaves on the other hand, were encouraged by its message. It was common for groups of slaves to gather and listen to the reading of the text. Depending upon whether one was a slave or a slaveholder, the Appeal had become both dangerous and inspiring. David Walker’s appeal to me is targeted towards blacks. More specifically it is aimed at slaves and freedmen. It is clear that Walker is very well strong about making his point to his brethren when he states, “The whites want slaves, and want us for their slaves, but some of them will curse the day they ever saw us. As true as the sun ever shone in its meridian splendor, my color will root some of them out of the very face of the earth. They shall have enough of making slaves of, and butchering, and murdering us in the manner which they have.”(22) In this quote, it may appear that Walker is bad spirited but he is not because he wants the whites to feel the same pain as his people and he is feeling. Walker only wants the worse for those slaveholders that abuse their power over their slaves. I am sure many slaves agreed with what Walker said here because

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whites don’t know how much pain and suffering they’re causing to the slaves. Walker believed that slavery was a crime against...
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