Data Communication Assignment

Topics: Data transmission, Network topology, Mathematics Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: November 7, 2012



(CO1, CO2 : PO1,PO3)


• Submission Date: On or before but not after 12-10-2012

• Refer “Data Communications and Networking” 4th edition, Behrouz A. Forouzan

• No Plagiarism

• Kindly use A4 sheets

1. For n devices in a network, what is the number of cable links required for a mesh, ring, bus, and star topology?
2. Assume five devices are arranged in a mesh topology. How many cables are needed? How many ports are needed for each device? 3. What is the difference between an internet and the Internet? 4. When a party makes a local telephone call to another party, is this a point-to-point or multipoint connection? Explain your answer. 5. You have three computers connected by an Ethernet hub at home. Is this a LAN, a MAN, or a WAN? Explain your answer. 6. In a bus topology and ring topology of 8 devices, what happens if one of the nodes is unplugged? 7. Match the following to one or more layers:

a. Route determination
b. Flow control
c. Provides access to the end user
d. Defines frames
e. Mechanical, electrical and functional interface
f. Establish, manages and terminates sessions
8. What are the responsibilities of the network layer in the Internet model? 9. What is the difference between a port address, a logical address and a physical address? 10. Define period. Define frequency.

11. In Europe, the power they use at home has a frequency of 50Hz. What is the period of the sine wave in ms? 12. The frequency of a signal is 140 KHz, calculate the corresponding period. 13. The period of a signal is 12 micro seconds, what is its frequency? 14. The period of a signal is 100 ms, what is its frequency in kilohertz? 15. Find the data bit stream of the following graphs

16. Draw the graph of Polar RZ scheme for the bit streams, (a) 01001, and (b) 00110011001 17. Draw the graph...
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