Data and Its Importance in Accurate and Quick Processing

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  • Published : December 12, 2006
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Data and its Importance in Accurate and Quick Processing
Priscilla A. Williams
Computers and Information Processing-CIS/319
University Of Phoenix

This paper provides information on data and its importance in the speed of a computer and how it is stored. This paper gives examples of the different input as well as output forms for data. This paper also details the way that data effects memory in a computer as well as the different types of memory and data storage that a computer may have.

Data and its Importance in Accurate and Quick Processing
Data plays an important role for computers and how well they perform. The accuracy of data entry is very important in that if bad data or too much data is stored on a computer that the processing of that data is flawed and can significantly slow the computer's processing down. The storage of data is available in different mediums and how one stores ones data is of vast importance as well. There are several ways that data can be input into the computer one of which is called Optical Data Reader. The Optical Data Reader can be used to input the information off of printed questionnaires. There are two categories of optical data readers; the Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Optical Mark Recognition is used when pencils are used to fill in boxes on Optical Mark Recognition paper or a mark sense forms such as is used in standardized tests like the SAT and the GMAT. Voice Recognition Devices are used to recognize human speech and are commonly used for telephone surveys, security systems that allow only authorized personnel and are now available in cars and trucks allowing the driver to activate the radio and CD players. Voice Recognition Devices will also respond to certain commands in an audible voice. Special software and microphones are used to record the sound of the human voice and convert it into...
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