Darwin World View

Topics: Charles Darwin, Evolution, Philosophy of religion Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Katie Pichelli
February 4, 2011
“A Certain Grandeur”
Darwin argues that it is an optimistic and beautiful to view the world from an evolutionary perspective: “from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved.” He contends that this view of the world is magnificent because when needed species can adapt and survive in their environment. Even though Darwin views evolution as amazing and beautiful it is morally and theologically offense for some people. One of these people is William Paley, a major supporter of Natural Theology. Because these people do not want to believe that there is no God they try to create coexistence between religion and science. Although Darwin accepts and observes the theory of evolution to be astonishing and of an aesthetic outlook, there are also many people who reject this theory and believe that everything on the earth came from a divine creator. Darwin’s theory of evolution is also difficult for people to accept because the traditional way of thinking is that God created everything. Thinking through an evolutionary perspective eliminates the necessity and the possibility of a God. The idea of religion comforts people and helps them to cope with the idea of death and gives hope that there is something of a paradise to look forward. Because of this Darwin’s idea of natural selection offends many people’s moral and theological senses. Many people believe that humans are made through the image of God and are therefore superior beings than to have evolved from an ape. It attacks the scripture of these people because it is said that God created man and placed him on the earth. Moreover religious people believe that God has a plan for everyone and Darwin’s theories raises people’s anxiety and causes them to start to question the purpose of life. Darwin’s blatant attack of the scripture and of God fabricates people’s disagreement towards Darwin’s theories and makes it difficult for...
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