Dartmouth College Goes Wireless

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Dartmouth College Goes Wireless

Q1. In what ways is the Wi-Fi technology changing the life of Dartmouth students? Relate your answer to the concept of the digital society.
A1. Dartmouth College has made many innovative usages of the Wi-Fi technology in their college: * Students are continuously developing new applications for the Wi-Fi. * Students no longer have to remember campus phone numbers, as their mobile phones have all the numbers and can be accessed anywhere in the campus. * Students mainly use laptop computers on the network. The use of regular cell phones are on the decline in the campus. * SMSs reach the recipients in a split second anywhere, as long as it is within range. * Students can submit their class work by using Wi-Fi.

* They can play wireless games online.
* Professors are using wireless teaching methods.
So, we can see that
* The college society is changing under the influence of Wi-Fi technology. The college society is enjoying the new and influential network in many ways, but is yet developing constantly improvements how to make the technology even more effective by introducing new programmes and procedures. * The wireless technology is accelerating the innovation among the society, resulting emergence of new technologies that the students are developing. * Wi-Fi has changed the way the college's professors educate and also how the students are learning. * Interactivity has increased students' involvement during the taught courses and using new technology has enabled students “wanting to give answers”. * Wireless network has introduced virtual communities, provided on-line entertainment and altered the way the students obtain information – all characteristics of the digital society.

Q2. Some say that the wireless system will become part of the background of everybody's life – that the mobile devices are just an afterthought. Explain.
A2. Around the world, enterprises are adopting mobile computing technologies at a tremendous rate. They are using wireless hardware and applications to compute anywhere. Organisations are embracing mobile computing technologies for various reasons: * Wireless telecom support for mobility is growing quickly. * More applications can run both online and offline.

* Prices of notebook computers, wireless handhelds and smart phones are falling and their capabilities increasing. * Mobile and wireless applications will become a major part of IT. * E-Commerce over the internet will grow rapidly, changing the manner in which business is conducted.

So, in the near future companies and societies are introducing increasingly more wireless solutions because they tend to increase productivity by simplifying communication, removing physical obstacles and when installed they are able to serve big masses at the same time. Wireless systems will also replace wired systems and it has already started in a large scale. Some states have even introduced a nation-covering wireless networks for the citizens. The wireless technologies give pressure to the device manufacturers to produce such devices that take advantage of the given wireless technology.

Q3. Is the system contributing to improved learning, or just adding entertainment that may reduce the time available for studying? Debate your point of view with students who hold a different opinion.

A3. WI-Fi system is impacting positively on both studying itself and increasing entertainment in the campus. Actually, partially the increased entertainment is a result of innovations made by the students themselves. Eg. One student has written a code that calculates how far away a networked PDA user is from his or her next appointment and then automatically adjusts the PDA’s reminder schedule alarm accordingly....
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