Dark City Street

Topics: English-language films, American films, Light Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: October 19, 2011
Alone in a dark city street
Module 3

Flick... the ragged street lights rapidly went out on by one. The darkness enclosed on him as heavy clouds covered the eerie moon. When he looked over his shoulder, all he could see was the whites of eyes and the rustling of cats in the wheely bins. Suddenly, police sirens wailed past. He crouched down in the silent gloom, and waves of sick terror swept over him. He nervously repeated,"stay clam, stay calm", as his heart was palpitating. He glanced again and gradually began pacing up the dark street. The street was deserted and the night felt eerie and silent. There was no glimmer of light to be seen. Sweat trickled down his back, his stomach was churning , and his knees felt weak, but he still hurried on not daring to look back now. Blindly he stumbled into an alley. There he searched through his stolen goods. Abruptly he heard foot stepts closing in on him. In the distance he could see red and blue lights flashing. In panic, he began to run. He bashed into bins and tripped over cracks in the path, desperately trying to find his way out of the alley. As he fled from the dark alley, a strong, male voice yelled,"put your hands up", as he tried to run away. Racing up the derelict street, he spotted a pair of yellow eyes advancing towards him. Closer and closer it got, he noticed it was a BMW. He dashed infront of the moving car to cease it and then stole it so he could try escape from the pacing police. The chase was on !!! The police officer called for back up instantly and tried to catch up with the snatched BMW. The BMW showed no fear as it just kept on going. As the BMW was being chased, it made its way onto a bridge. Suddenly one of the police officers stuck his head out of the window. He pulled out his arm and was carrying a gun in his hand. He the shot at the BMW but missed. Then the officer tried one more time and he hit the tire of the BMW. It then went of of control and it spun three times. On the third spin, it...
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