Dangers of Using Drugs: Threat of Anthrax

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  • Topic: Anthrax, Drug addiction, 2001 anthrax attacks
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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Drugs Article

In this article, the main points are the dangers of using drugs at the minute, especially in Europe, as they could be contaminated with anthrax spores. It also warns the drug users not to ignore any symptoms they may get, and tells them to seek medical advice quickly. The news article tells the reader of the other incidents of the outbreak, maybe in a way to make them cautious of doing drugs if they know they could possibly be infected by anthrax as the threat is still there.

This article about the dangers of using drugs links into the content of the A level specification because the amount of drug users in the world is very high, and therefore impacts on the population. Drugs even without the added dangers like anthrax can be fatal to users, and this can cause a population drop. The graph attached shows how ages 18 to 20 are the highest users, which is around the time they would be in education. Therefore the drug use could reflect badly on the grades they receive and could mean they can’t get a job. This links into the specification as there is currently a lack of jobs, and with the low grades this could mean they have to migrate to find jobs elsewhere. Also, drug use can affect fertility, and as the highest users are younger, this means they may not get the chance to have children, which would cause a population decrease. Then there would be a much smaller population of the next generation, and less to look after the generation before when they get old, as well as to take over jobs.

Some people could say that the threat of the anthrax infection makes no difference, as there are already so many dangers of using drugs, and one more is only adding to a long list. People who take drugs know most of the dangers and still choose to do it, for reasons such as enjoyment, low cost, the availability of it, and even using it as a defence mechanism. People may also think that it is unlikely that out of all the people in the world, they would be the...
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