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Running head: Cybersecurity

Assignment 3

This paper is written in to give an insight on what the National Initiative for Cyber Security Education is and what the initiative actually consists of. In this paper we will explore the NICE framework, and the importance of it to protect the security profession and the individual organizations. In evaluating the frame work of NICE, I will describe how the implementation will prevent internal and external threat risks and describe the desired outcome of the initiative. The legal ramifications will be discussed as well, since there are ethical and legal issues related to information technology and initiatives also set out directly from the Whitehouse.

With the constant attacks and vulnerabilities of security systems, there is a great need to develop a framework to prevent or to minimize the risks of the attacks that are to occur. With the lack of consistency in common language for discussions and the understanding of the skills that are required by professionals, there was a need to come up with a baseline for those nationally to be able to identify skills gaps, develop cyber security talent in the existing workforce as well as provide a basis for those who are destined to follow in this field, as the technology changes and evolves.
NICE has the continual evolution of Comprehensive National Cyber security Initiative that encompasses federal space that would include civilians, the industry of the technical professionals and those from kindergarten to post graduate education. With this initiative it establishes an operational, maintainable, and continually improving educational program that focuses on cyber security on a national level that has numerous segments for sound cyber practices ( .

Leading the efforts of this initiative is the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and in...
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