Cybercrime: Crime and Online Protection Act

Topics: Crime, Theft, Crimes Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Therisa Knapp
Criminal Justice
Week 4 paper
November 10, 2012
I feel that cybercrime is any illegal actions using computers. The use of computers is basically a gateway for identity theft in my opinion. By using computers criminals have it easier to pull off scams and schemes to profit off of victims’ hard earned money. Any business transactions being done over the internet is perhaps at risk. After reviewing the slideshow presentation in week fours learning activity I learned that cybercrime is the theft and destruction of information, resources, or funds by way of computers. (Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011) There are three types of cybercrimes; cyber theft, cyber vandalism, and cyber welfare. Cybercrime is increasing in the United States. Cyber theft involves the use of computer networks for criminal profit. (Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011) In learning more about cyber theft I was surely surprised of some examples mentioned. Some examples of cyber theft are: •Computer fraud

Pornography and prostitution
Denial of service attacks
Copyright infringement
Identity theft
Internet securities fraud
(Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011) I had no idea that pornography and prostitution was mentioned along with copyright infringement. The second cybercrime mentioned is cyber vandalism. Cyber vandalism is a malicious attacks, disrupting-defacing, and destroying technology. This crime is motivated by malice not greed. (Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011) Some examples of cyber vandalism are: •Virus-worms

Trojan horses
Web defacement
Cyber stalking
Cyber bullying
(Siegel, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2011) Learning these examples I had never given a thought of cyber stalking and cyber bullying would have been included in vandalism. I would have thought that there was maybe a cyber-harassment for a cybercrime. The final type of cybercrime is the cyber welfare. Cyber...
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