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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Neri,Schnell G.


NATO enlargement is desirable because it will promote stability in Europe and in the world. There are several concerns regarding possible expansion of NATO membership, but the basic question is whether or not NATO should expand its membership. The following sections address the negative and positive sides of the argument.

Yes it is nessesary, they have its benefits expanding NATO. NATO expansion is a critical issue now because leaders of the Central and Eastern European countries have urged they be admitted to NATO membership. The expansion issue arose because Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, all previous victims of Soviet occupation, sought NATO membership. NATO should respond to the requests of these countries as soon as possible. No response or a negative one on such requests could slow down or stop reform in these countries. They do not want to be considered as part of the Russian sphere of influence. Neither do they want to be a so-called "no-man's" land between Western Europe and Russia. These states want to belong to Europe. A refusal of their request, therefore, could lead them to form a new alliance with the surrounding states or to rebuild the old links with Russia, with a hope of restoring the credibility of Russia's security guarantee. The reason for this is because they are not able to defend their territory themselves. Expansion would also increase the security for the Western countries while strengthening the stability of Central and Eastern Europe. The Western countries wanted these buffer zones for decades and now they have an opportunity to extend stability while avoiding both a security vacuum and an East-West clash. Foreign policy experts, such as Senator Richard Lugar, then Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, recognized that "Projection of stability to the east is a prudent investment to secure the peace in Europe. NATO expansion would also be a benefit both to...
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