Cyberbullying Debate Final Focus

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Facebook Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: April 10, 2012
Final Focus

Instead of making cyber bullying a criminal offense, we should spread awareness about how serious the effects can be. Most of the people that act as a bully have problems that are worthy of receiving counseling instead of possibly being thrown in jail with murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. A person does not have to have a profile on a social networking site. I have personal friends that deleted their Facebook accounts due to harmful words being said about each of them. They are fine and even enjoy life more without that website. Yes, e-mail is used on a regular basis due to work, school etc. But a person can easily block the sender, not open the message and/ or make a new e-mail account just for work that only employees or group project school partners know about. The person could actually have someone delete the messages for them such as a friend or a parent once they log onto their e-mail just to make sure everything upsetting or offensive are deleted. Bullying in person, such as the typical pushing and shoving on the playground back in elementary school, is known as a normal part of childhood. Almost all of us have been bullied in some way, whether it is being called a name or maybe a new hair style being joked about. Should that bully go to jail? No, because they were honestly most likely NOT SERIOUS. Teenagers joke around, and whether someone wants to believe everything someone else says… it’s a personal problem. A student with a bright future should not go to jail because they said a few things about someone online that the other person found offensive. For all we know, the person who said those things may not even realize that they were offensive until the court case. Making cyber bullying a criminal offense involves it being made into a law. Making this activity into a law would be extremely hard. Would calling someone a “hoe” be considered “cyber bullying”? Would saying that someone “slept around at a party last weekend” be cyber...
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