Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Instant messaging Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Cyber Bullying through Technology

 For many children in today’s society, the Internet isn't simply a convenient way to  research, play games or do a fun afterschool activity; it's a big part of their social life (Harkins par 1).  The computer is supposed to be a helpful source that everyone uses for school, to chat with friends, or surf the web for fun. Now a day, cyber bullying is affecting many young children and teens every day. Nearly 42% of kids have been bullied online and almost one in four have had it happen more than once. Also, about 21% of kids have received mean or threatening e-mail (Shue par 2). Child advocates say that the use of computers, cell phones, social-networking sites and other technology are being used to threaten or humiliate others (Billitteri par 1). Cyber bullying is very similar to other types of bullying, except it takes place through technology. Cyber bullies can be anyone from classmates, to online “friends” or even family members, but most often the victim knows who their bully is (Harkins par 1). There are many ways kids can be bullied online. Some examples are, sending someone mean or threatening emails, instant messages, or text messages, excluding someone from a buddy list or blocking their email for no reason, tricking someone into revealing personal or embarrassing information and sending it to others, breaking into someone's email or instant message account to send cruel or untrue messages while posing as that person, or creating websites to make fun of another person such as a classmate or teacher (Harkins par 2). The effects of cyber bullying can be harsh and sometimes deadly. Victims of cyber bullying may experience many of the same effects as children who are bullied in person, such as a drop in grades, low self-esteem, a change in interests, or depression (Harkins par 4). Although these affects are harsh, cyber bullying can be even more extreme to its victims. If the bullying occurs in the child's home, it can take...
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