Cyber Security for Scada Systems

Topics: Security, Risk, Computer security Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Advance Defense Modeling
For SCADA Systems

In 2002,
In a research paper “Cyber security of the electric Power Industry” analyzes the vulnerabilities and threats facing the electric energy infrastructure, placing primary emphasis on the cyber vulnerabilities associated with control systems and related information systems and networks. The analysis provides a general overview of the electric energy sector, describing key assets, systems and functions. The report provides an analysis of direct and indirect control system vulnerabilities, and offers examples of specific security flaws. Further, it explains how deregulation and subsequent structural changes in the industry have affected the vulnerability of control systems. Moreover, the paper offers fact-based analysis of potential threats to the sector and the likely consequences should an attack occur. It also suggests protective measures, ranging from industry regulations and best practices to specific security measures.Some of the security measures are Minimize and secure remote connections to control networks Minimize and secure links between corporate networks and control systems  Implement strong authentication / access control for control systems and related information systems where possible Develop control system cyber security policies and procedures Remove or disable unnecessary services, applications and ports

In 2006,
May Permann, John Hammer, Kathy Lee, Ken Rohde in the paper titled “ Mitigations for Security Vulnerabilities Found in Control System Networks” provide general information regarding mitigation strategies for CSs.The mitigation strategies include Security Training

Password Policy
OS Level security
Network level security
In 2006,
Yu Jiaxi,Mao Anjia,Guo Zhizhong in the paper titled “Vulnerability assessment of Cyber Security in Power industry proposed two methods to assess the cyber...
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