Cyber Crimes and Ethics

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  • Published : June 21, 2012
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Some might say the crime of the 21st century will be white collar. If that is true, what will be the major types of cybercrime? How can we safeguard against it? White collar crimes are crimes that are deceptive in nature rather than violent. Cybercrimes are usually those that involve; identity theft, email scams, hate crimes, telemarketing and internet fraud, and credit card account thefts. “When we see examples of computers threatening society, do not blame the computer. Blame the person sitting at the keyboard. To protect ourselves from those who wish to use computers to infringe upon our rights, knowledge is the best defense.” ( To protect ourselves we must learn what information is valuable to criminals and how to keep it safe. Using the web to purchase goods is a way to open yourself up to an attack. Using a separate and specific account to buy things is one way of protecting your credit account. In what ways should making money online have its limits? For example, is pornography, online gambling, etc, fair game? What are the ethical considerations involved? The advances in technology have allowed the average person to be able to sell their products over facebook and other websites. Unfortunately, cyber ethics is lacking more often than not. For example online pornography may be a million or billion dollar industry, but how far is it going to make money. The availability of webcams allows for more pornography sites to show and perform explicitly for money. This is in a way prostitution and illegal, and ethically questionable. Online gambling is also ethically questionable because of the amount of gambling problems people suffer from, this is a way to get those people addicted to something they don’t have to leave their home to take part in. Using credit cards to bet can also exploit gamblers lack of identity protection. If I post a poem on my Facebook site and someone cuts and pastes it...
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