Cyber Bullying Awareness - Thesis

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, High school Pages: 7 (2011 words) Published: February 3, 2013
The Awareness on Cyber bullying as Perceived by the Second Year High School Students of St. Martin Montessori School, Inc. School Year 2012-2013

The Problem and It’s Background
This chapter presents the description of the problem and its background. It mainly introduces the topic itself.

Chapter 1
“Cyberspace” sometimes called as “Internet world”, is described by the Merriam Webster as the online world of computer networks and especially the “Internet”. It is a wide array of alternative activities conducted using medium whether a personal computer or a portable devices. Its main purpose is to establish communication with other people around the globe. Also, it is used for recreational activities, researches, paperworks, etc.

Due to its versatility, usefulness and the fact that it is very much accessible, some users tend to use it the way it is not meant to be used. It leads to the crimes conducted via violations or actions that express, abuse or misused of the internet as called cybercrime. Cybercrime is a very wide range of lawlessness occurring around the internet, which includes the use of the internet to harm other people, in a deliberate manner called cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is the art of using internet services for the intention of harming a person. It seeks to intimidate, manipulate and humiliate the recipient. In fact, cyber bullying is one of the main causes of human distress. It affects the victim emotionally, physically and psychologically. Worst cases of cyber bullying often end in either mental breakdown or suicide. As Lourd De Verra once quoted in his show, “Ang biktima ng Cyber bullying ay parang isang taong sinapak sa isang kwartong walang ilaw.” The victim won’t know what will him/her. The recipient won’t even know who will hit him. Because the identity of the bully is hidden, it is hard to identify who did it or what is his/her gender. The bully on the other hand, continuous to harass the victims and the more the victim is intimidated, the more the culprit on joys the activity.

Background of the Study
The researchers authentically want to conduct a research to figure out how the sophomores perceive and understand the topic concerning about cyber bullying. This study is intended to collect the individual opinions of the respondents, to research for the inner most ideas of the subjects responsibly to the survey and to bring out clear insight to help in answering the questions: “Are students aware that cyber bullying actually exists?”

Theoretical Framework
Most of the students are not aware that bullying also occurs in cyberspace. According to the 1st postulate of Jaishankar 2008 Space Transition Theory, a person with repressed behaviour tends to do more crime in the internet when he/she can fluently access the internet than to commit crimes in physical space. They aim to do more crimes in the internet than in the physical space due to their status of hiding their identity. He also stated in his theory that people with the same mindset of committing crime are more likely to unite in the cyberspace. According to the Moral theory, as defined by W.D Ross, people, to be able to associate well with other, they have to gain moral by respecting, helping, loving. They have to treat each other equally and they have to be honest and trustworthy in the eyes of other people and within as well. Fidelity and autonomy should be present and privacy should be kept and respected.

Conceptual Framework
Input Process Output

The Awareness on Cyber bullying as Perceived by the Second Year High School Students of St. Martin Montessori School, Inc. School Year 2012-2013

Internet Connection:
Academic Performance:

Profile of the respondents
according to:...
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