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Topics: Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, Ancient Olympic Games Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: February 15, 2013
The Ancient Olympics started before 776 BCE for about 3 to 400 hundred years. Every four years, ancient Olympics were held in a place called Olympia but after they became popular, Emperor Theodosius I of Rome stopped the Olympics.

Sports were very valuable for Greeks. Physical beauty, moral character, nobility of spirit, and conduct and intelligence were the foundation of their games. For Greek people, winning in Olympics is more appreciated than winning in wars. In addition, athletes had a very strict condition that they need to follow for them to compete. Moreover, many games were added in the Olympics as time passed by.

Greek women created their own games and it was called the Heraea. Specifically, they made these games because women were forbidden to watch the games.

Modern Olympics began on April 6, 1986 in Athens, Greece. It was held in the Panathenean Stadium. Furthermore, because of the huge success of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France emphasized to the organizers that the Olympics be attended by the different nations of the world.

On 1924, the International Winter Sports Week was confirmed and was held at Chamonix, France. The winter Olympics started after the victory of the Winter Sports Week.

The Summer and Winter Games are currently being held every two years. Controversies appeared and ruined the principles of unity and purity of the games. Also, because of the competition among the United States and Russia, they did not join each other’s games.

Many conflicts happened in the games and most of the problems were because of politics. As a result, nine Israeli athletes were kidnapped and murdered. Additionally, Bribery, favouritism and athletes who did unlawful acts also lead chaos in the games.
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