Cut in Sports

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Keeping high school sports
Due to budget cuts some school in the state are trying find a way to get that money back, till Brad Sanders a retired teacher from Cedar Shoals High School figured out how, as he said in the website He proposes to remove all athletic programs from the high school and give them to the Athens-Clarke County Department of Leisure Services. A sport helps to keep students healthy, teaches them how to work as a team and keeps them out of trouble. Sanders said removing sports from high school will reduce distractions that pep rallies and homecoming week have on students during the fall semester. Then when winter roles around and its basketball season they can no longer use the excuse “I had a game last night” for not doing their homework. I agree that this is true about sports distracting kids but I also disagree because if there weren’t sports instead of them being at football games they would be out doing stupid stuff, partying and getting in trouble with the law. That’s why I think there should never cut sports from school. For some students sports is the only exercise they are allowed. For the obese students they get an hour a day of physical activity to fight it, keep them healthy and active. Blood flow through the body caused by physical activity can help improve mental sharpness and acuity. In addition to health benefits, sports help improve their performance and to keep their stress level low.. Because of sports would make the students body tired, will allow them to get better sleep, which can improve their concentration production and mood. This improves mental toughness which leads to better grades and school performance. In many schools they have a policy that doesn’t allow students to participate in team sports if they have failing grades. This policy motivates the students to do their work and show up to class every day. When students are in school every day, they build stronger relationships with each other....
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