Customs and Traditions in Belarus

Topics: New Year's Day, Christmas tree, New Year's Eve Pages: 3 (1202 words) Published: April 7, 2013
od’s holiday – божественный праздник Jolly time – веселое время
Smart – нарядный
Host and hostess – хозяева и хозяйки

Catholics celebrate it from December, 25 to January, 6, for Orthodox Christians this time comes a bit later – it continues from January, 7 to January, 19, when the sun turns its gaze towards spring and the days begin to become longer. People say that "Kalyady” is God’s holiday. It is a jolly time when people are enjoying themselves. "Kalyady” celebrations have ancient pagan traditions. During this holiday groups of merry young boys and girls in smart clothes go from house to house in Belarussian villages and towns. Hosts and hostesses usually treat them with delicious things and thank them for well-wishing and carol-singing. "Kalyady” is the time when 3 ritual suppers are cooked in every Belarussian home. They are called "Kalyadnaya Kuttzya” (a sort of porridge – kasha – made from barley). On "Kalyady” Belarusians like to visit each other, celebrate weddings and organize fairs. The main idea of this holiday is to get rid of everything bad in one’s life and to begin a new life cycle with joy and optimism. Notes:

- Each person in the processions during "Kalyady” is called "Kalyadovschik” and has its own role. - Kalyadnaya Kuttzya could save and protect people’s lives. KUPALLE
This holiday is usually celebrated on the night of the 7th of July. In my opinion, it is one of the most mysterious holidays in Belarus. There are a lot of legends and customs connected with this magic holiday. According to one of them, there is a constant struggle between good and evil (dark and light) in our souls. People try to help the forces of light and themselves to defeat the evil, witches and wizards. They light bonfires, dance and sing songs around them.  According to another legend God Yarila is marrying the Earth on this day. Girls gather flowers and weave coronets, which they wear at the holiday and they throw them into the river. The...
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