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Topics: Marketing, Sales, Customer service Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: January 12, 2014
In today’s market, customers are playing the leading role and customer satisfaction is one of the important factors affect the development of the companies. Knowing what customers think, feel, demand and choice preference is crucial for marketers because satisfying customers can means that a company not only gaining a customer but also survival in intense competition. Therefore, delighting customers can gain benefit from three aspects: keeping loyal for exist customers, attracting potential customers and getting word of mouth, which can maintains the company profits, increases the amount of sales and saves advertising cost. This essay will first discuss why marketers delight their customers from those three aspects, and then give some examples to support this argument. According to Alexander (2012), customer delight is one of the factors effect customers’ loyalties because it can affect a customer’s buying decision. Through surprised their customers such as offering discount, gift or particular experience marketers could improve customers’ loyalty. For example, the British branch of The Body Shop gives their customers £10 off next purchase when spend over £25 or has sales promotion such as buy 3 for 2 or giving discount, which might not only delight the customers and attract them to repurchase, but also can help the company to keep their customers loyalty. By delighting the customers, the company could gain customers’ business and enhance the profit.

Another reason for why marketers delight customers is that it could help to increase the amount of sales. Different customers have different demand thus marketers need to delight them by different aspects. For instance, Camel, a famous cigarette brand, was male-dominated in the last several decades and a few Camel buyers were females. In order to expand the market share of females, Camel launched a female’s cigarette, which named Camel NO.9, and had a series of promotions. Packaging of Camel NO.9, with shocking...
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