Curriculum Development

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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1.What is the purpose and value of children’s books?
The many purposes of including children’s books in early childhood classrooms and homes, it is crucial to understand their fundamental role in the learning experiences. Provide sheer enjoyment for a child, help children’s associate that which is new that which is already know, give children a greater understanding of the world, help a child find meaning in life, give a child opportunities to reread parts enjoyed or not understood, help child build a foundation for learning to read. 2.Describe the process of integrating literature into other curriculum areas. The connection between literature and the other curriculum areas as Machado explains include reading aloud to children, making use of informational books, and encouraging children’s response to book using drama, art, and child dictated writing, taught around a general theme or a key idea, the focus may also be in a content area such as science, social studies, basic concept, or holidays, reproductions and retellings are children responses to literature through art, music and drama using their own language, putting literature around the room. 3.Books are essential in enabling a child to learn how to read, but they serve many other functions as well. What are they, and why is each important? Alphabet books: offers simple stories, present identification and one object picture association. Beginning-To-Read Books: present word that are simple and repetitive, have short sentences. Big Books: present extra -large test and illustrations, allow teachers to share books with a group of children easily. Board Books: offers ease of page turning for children learning to handle books, have simple illustrations Concept Books: books that present themes, ideas or concepts with specific examples they also identify and clarify abstractions such as color or shape and help with vocabulary development. Counting books that describe simple numeral and picture associations and...
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