Current War Against Marijuana

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Josh Williams|
Current Was Against Marijuana
Final Scholarly Review |

Sanjay Marwah
Fall 2012

Josh Williams
Sanjay Marwah
Fall 2012
Scholarly Review
Current war against Marijuana

Law enforcement has developed a low tolerance for marijuana and other drug use. The newest policy concerning marijuana control was put into motion in 1994. Since then, there has been research and data exploring the advantages and disadvantages concerning the changes and innovations that have been made thus far. Reviewing the existing research gives a better understanding of why the marijuana policies are what they are and why they are still in place. The war against marijuana has been a reoccurring problem since the 1960’s. There has been substantial research conducted in the past 40 years as to what proper administrative steps to take to continue to slow the growth of marijuana criminal activities (Stephanie, 2010). The problem with this particular type of research is that it uses qualitative data and surface marijuana production information to assess how to innovate policing policies and attempted strategies. In preliminary research, the common idea that there should be a different research method explored to enhance marijuana policing results was a continuing trend. The missing research must allow officials to accurately judge the performance of current policies their affects of the drug distribution process. The current strategy is missing another level of research rather than simply scratching the surface of marijuana affairs. Because of the absences of valuable research concerning the base business of marijuana, the programs, strategies, and theories that exist are voided attempts to enforce irrelevant policies. Instead of making educated guesses about proper policing strategies, there has to be a greater, deeper amount of research taken to fully understand the businesses and production of marijuana. Porter, Gaines, and Holbrook speak about the current policing programs and how they have not yet positively impacted the public distribution of marijuana (Porter, Gaines, Holbrook, 2004). They also acknowledge the idea that the enforcement policies fighting marijuana will never be to full potential until the official decision makers fully understand how marijuana production works. There is a multitude of research on the web and in books concerning marijuana and its policy restrictions. My aim is to understand the policies that exist and what is missing in the process of innovation. I want to accurately assess the effectiveness of the existing research. These topics are important to me because becoming a young adult there are things that I am beginning to notice about the United States, and there are questions that I want answers to. I want to access the data that has been gathered and also access the legitimacy of the data. I believe that I accomplished this task by researching a wide variety of topics concerning marijuana and tying it all in together. By satisfying my own interests, I feel that I can accurately access and past judgment on the previous policies of law enforcement.

State of Knowledge:
Through my research I have found four standout articles that provide close observations of the current problem that exists throughout the war on marijuana. The officials that regulate and choose what strategies to put into place, have not reached the full knowledge base of how this “drug thing” works. They have no central knowledge of this world and how it “turns”. The four articles describe the previous efforts of the government. Some describing the success or fail of the tactics and some describing the current mindset of the decision makers. The knowledge base of the articles concentrates on recent efforts put together by government officials and why they were ineffective. Multiple authors propose that there has not yet been adequate research done on the market of marijuana for...
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