Current Events Business Research

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  • Published : March 19, 2012
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Running head: Current Events Business Research
Current Events Business Research
RES/351 University of Phoenix

Current Events Business Research
For many years my wife and I have had the opportunity of running and teaching at our martial arts studio here in South Florida, in the past couple of years the competition has come and gone, our longevity has been due to our continuing to change up and add to our training programs. In the recent years our students and friends have asked us to possibly add some sort of boot camp training, due to my military background. Here is where my business research experience was born.

The first stage of the business research process is to discover the problem or dilemma, which in my case was how to implement a boot camp style training program that would be attractive to my students and newcomers in my area. Attached to the first stage is “Clarifying the research question”, which means to use the dilemma or problem to come up with more questions that would start the process, breaking down my initial question, how to implement a boot camp training program that would fit my students and newcomers and make it attractive and safe. In the process of coming up with new ways of building the program, more questions will surface by defining research questions, like will I have to train my current instructors to teach the classes or will I have to initially teach them, until my instructors are trained, will my wife have to teach some of the boot camp classes so I can train my instructors. Will the program need to be broken down by levels, for example beginner to advance or a pyramid style program, adding parts at each class? As we ask and develop these questions I was conducting what is called exploration by creating a survey asking my current students what they thought about a boot camp training program, and also sent the survey to homes in my area, which covered at least three cities. I also conducted meetings with my wife and...
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